About Me

What I offer.

I offer you honest insight into how I train, physically, mentally, spiritually, and how to strengthen these pillars of life. I will also refer material, authors, websites, gurus that you may be interested in following or reading about. I will present some workouts, tests, measurements, to help judge your progress as you drive forward as a warrior and a scholar. Lastly, I will provide access to guest writers, who will contribute knowledge from their realms of expertise.

What I can’t do.

I cannot give you a magical pill to solve all your problems, but I can offer some insights on how to become a better warrior scholar. I bring a passion for the topics discussed; I have researched them, and in most cases done them. In the end, we are in charge of our own destiny. Fortune will favor us if we are prepared, able, and willing.

Why should you care?

I have committed my life to being a warrior and a scholar. I am a security professional. I have a bachelor and a master’s degree. A big passion of mine is writing fiction, and currently, I am in the process of writing three books. I love good food and I love fitness, which can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled all over the world experiencing many different peoples, places, and cultures. Reading is a favorite hobby of mine. I will read history, biographies, health, fantasy, basically, anything I can get my hands on. Lastly, I am passionate about self improvement, and passionate about helping others build themselves up.

Let’s Create a Community

I would love to talk about your journey towards becoming a Warrior Scholar. Please let me know of any questions or comments you may have. If I cannot find the answer, I will use my network to try and find the best answers. Please do not hesitate to start a proactive discussion.

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