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Staying Fit on the Road

For most people, traveling can be the death sentence to any good workout program. This does not have to be the case. As I have traveled more and more for both work and personal trips, I have come up with some tips to keep your much deserved or required travel from sabotaging your workouts, diet, and health.

Make the time: Be consistent; find the time. Yes, it’s that important. If you are going out of town for a few days, plan some light cardio days or workout days for your trip. Use a calendar. Having a plan will make you more likely to do it.

Hit the gym right when you arrive: It is easy to just want to crash when you arrive, but getting a workout in can energize you and stifle jet lag. As always, it will help you sleep later.  An alternative to this is to get a good workout in before you leave.

Watch what you eat: Traveling can kill your diet plan. Airports are filled with fast food places and high carb snacks. Even if it costs a few more bucks, skip the fast food. All of it. Hit up a real restaurant with real food.

Pack your own food: Sometimes it can be difficult to keep your protein intake up while traveling- Convenience foods tend to be high in carbs. I always travel with a host of high protein items. At the very least, I travel with protein bars, nuts, packages of tuna, baggies of whey protein, and I will often pack whole meals of food. Fruit isn’t a problem unless you are coming into the United States from a foreign country. Liquids are a no-go everywhere. Bring a water bottle so you can fill it up when you get through security. Interested in packing meals? Check out these great travel food carriers.

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Go for a run or a walk: A great way to explore the area you are staying in. A walk is a relaxing way to get a pedestrian eye’s view of your surroundings.

Must have weights: Make sure your hotel has a gym. Many hotels have decent gyms that you can at the very least get in a light lift session.

Bring a Yoga DVD: When the weather is not cooperating or the area surrounding your stay is not up-to-par, exercise in your room. I travel with a yoga DVD on my iPad so at the very least, I can get a yoga session in. Or you could do a burpee challenge in your room- although, I don’t think the vacationers below you would appreciate it much.

Get some sleep: Depending on the duration of your trip and the number of time zones you cross, ensuring that you get good sleep is vital. People who are tired not only make generally bad decisions, they make especially bad eating decisions. Catch some sleep on the flight, at least a nap. Need to know more about the power of sleep?Check out my previous post.   http://awarriorscholar.com/?cat=7

Don’t want to pack your running shoes, try a swimsuit: Don’t want to mess up your business suit with your dirty sneakers, pack your trunks instead.  They are easily smashed in with your clothes and can provide you with a great workout.

Drink plenty of Water: Flying makes you dehydrated. Being on an airplane is like being in a desert; on top of the sodium rich foods they feed you. My recommendation- do not eat the food and crush plenty of water.

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