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The Remaining Book Series Review

I would like to give a very serious thumbs up to DJ Molles author of The Remaining series of zombie apocalypse books. DJ Molles is a relatively new author who has taken the zombie/apocalypse genre by storm since debuting his first indie novel The Remaining in 2012. Since then he has published three more books in the series, Aftermath, Refugees, and Fractured and two novellas Trust and Faith. Just recently he announced that he has been picked up by Orbit in a publishing deal. Major props go out to this young author and his success.

So far, he hasn’t released all the details of how long the series will be, but there will be at least one more full-length book in 2015. I suspect he will probably extend the series out to at least seven novels, but only time will tell.

The first book of The Remaining series, focuses on a single hero/protagonist, Captain Lee Harden, who is part of a secret government program that has him go into a bunker under his house, anytime there is a national emergency to ensure that the there is a continuity of operations should the government collapse. I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but let’s just say he must go into action when a virus destroys most of mankind leaving it up to him and his fellow survivors to begin the rebuilding process for the United States.

It is a unique idea for a beginning book of a series, and each book thereafter both widens the scope of world he shares as well as the depth of the characters. The main character Harden is both believable, likable, and at most times invincible, and you root for him the entire time.

The books are not epic in length, but they might seem shorter because Molles keeps you engaged throughout each novel.

I have not read the novellas yet, but the novels are 5/5 star books that deserve a spot in your reading queue. Read The Remaining. If you don’t think it is worth reading the second book Aftermath, I would be very surprised.

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