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WOW #2

Workout of the Week (WOW)#2

 Diversifying your weekly routine

I would like to introduce a great way into changing your training regimen. It’s called the Workout of the Week or WOW for short. This is a way for people to break out of their routine, diversify their training, maybe jumpstart their routine and bring some excitement back into exercise.

Every week I will post a new workout that people can plug into their regular routine or build a routine around. It is similar to a workout of the day (WOD) except I don’t tell you what to do everyday, just give you something new to try once a week.

WOW #2

“An oak is not felled by a single blow.”  -Spanish Proverb

 The Oak Tree

Do ten of each exercise. As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes.

Free Squats x 10

Pushups x 10

Pull-ups x 10

Sumo Deadlift with Kettlebell x10

Dips x 10

Dumbbell Shoulder Press (lighter weight for you) x 10

The goal of this circuit is to strengthen your entire body by completing the 7 most essential exercises. Instead of focusing on weight, we are focusing on number of rounds. Focus on form.